Online Flash Games

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Nowadays, everyone plays mobile games and forgot about flash games. There is a misconception that flash games did not evolve and are now outdated and just too boring when compared with other types of games. This is partially true and it causes great harm to the industry as a whole and injustice to some great flash games.

Little over two decades ago, Macromedia released Flash. This new tools aimed to create interactive web content and it did not take long for developers to discover how easy it is to build games with it. In the beginning, flash games used to be quite basic in terms of mechanics and had really bad graphics. Asset libraries increased and the tools used to develop games got better. This lead to numerous quality improvements. Flash games got more complex and looked better.

Flash games did another service to the gaming community by enabling single creators to make their games. It meant that creative people were enabled and gave birth to some amazing games. Eventually, game studios that were specifically dedicated to creating flash games came into existence. This meant that larger teams worked on single games to deliver better-polished products. A good example of this evolution is tower defense games. Some of the best tower defense games for mobile platforms were initially flash games that were ported with minimal alterations.

Flash game developers also did another bold and admirable service to the community. Many classic console games were revived as online flash games. The even better part is that while classic console games are very difficult to run on modern machines, flash games work on pretty much any device with a browser and Flash Player support. Also, flash games barely require any resources to run and can play perfectly even on very cheap laptops or computers.

The bottom line is that the gaming industry would be a much sadder place without flash games. Their contribution cannot be denied and many famous indie developers started with flash games. Even to this day, two decades after the introduction of Macromedia Flash, flash games are still being developed. Over time, flash games got better and there are some amazing titles that everyone should play at least once. If you are not playing flash games every once in a while, you are missing out. Each flash game that you play supports the community and the developers, helping keep alive this one of the gaming industry’s biggest contributors.