Shaped Gaming And Why

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Hot It All Began

Games as we know them today would not be the same without flash games. In 2006 Flash was acquired by Macromedia from FutureWave. It was designed to improve web content by introducing interactive elements. Not long after, developers discovered that they can do much more with the tool and began creating simple games.

We all remember how old flash games were. They were quite simple with minimalistic graphics. Even if these games appeared unappealing, everyone started playing. The big boost in popularity came from the fact that they were easy to play, did not require powerful hardware and worked on various operating systems. As the internet became more accessible, flash games took over the world. Online flash games websites started to emerge. Since flash games were small in size, they could be played directly into a browser. This means that everyone could play flash games at work, school or on personal computers. As flash games were and still are free to play, there was simply no reason not to play flash games especially in the beginnings, before smartphones were introduced.

Since flash games became so popular, many indie developers started to create their games. Helped by the fact that flash games are easier to develop, creative small developers released some amazing games. Tower defense games and RPGs were and still are the most popular genres with some of them even transitioning into mobile of regular PC game releases.

Having so many small developers create games introduced new concepts and game mechanics. Many large game developer conglomerates picked up some of the concepts from flash games to create successful triple-A titles.

Saving Flash Games From Extinction

Sadly, over the past few years, interest in flash games decreased. Less and fewer people play flash games and there is a great misconception that their quality is disappointing. The quality of flash games improved significantly as new development tools were introduced and asset libraries were created.

The drop in interest in flash games comes from the competition portrayed by mobile games. They are just as convenient to play but much more annoying due to the way apps are being monetized. Mobile apps have invasive ads and microtransactions. Flash games do not rely on in-game ads and rarely have any sorts of microtransactions.

Another problem comes from the end of support for Flash. Soon, flash games will no longer be supported by browsers. Surely, there will be third-party developers that will create browser plugins to make them still playable. As a safety measure, developers started using HTML5 to develop the same games to ensure their survival once Flash Player support is gone.

The bottom line is that as long as there is some interest from the public, online flash games will continue to exist. Not having flash games anymore is a significant loss for everyone due to the contribution to the gaming industry that Flash developers had. Also, many popular games will suddenly cease to exist. All it takes is to remember once in a while that online flash games still exist, they are fun and everyone should show them more love and appreciation.