The Best Time Killers

By adminxa /

Flash games have been around for a little over two decades. Everyone used to play flash games but interest has decreased over the past few years as mobile games took over. Regardless, online flash games are still the best time killers.

The biggest advantage of flash games is that they can run on virtually all laptops and desktops. Due to the way flash games are designed, they do not need powerful hardware and are made to run in browsers. Also, they work on both older and newer systems as long as they have Flash Player support.

Some might argue against flash games and make the false statement that they are not fun or well designed. For these folks, it may seem like a surprise but some of the most popular mobile games were initially flash games. Tower defense games are such an example as the most successful flash game genres that gained a huge following and became mobile games.

Another great point that goes in favor of online flash games is how convenient to play they are. You can play flash games on the same work or school computer without anyone noticing whenever you have some time to kill. You do not even have to close the game when you are done. You can just switch to a different tab or application whenever you need to.

Last but not least, the vast majority of flash games are free to play. Developers make very little money from their games and the websites that host them make just a few cents from ads. Some websites even host flash games without even monetizing them at all. Even if there are ads, they are rarely built into the game. For this reason and many others, flash games should get more love and support. They helped young developers get exposure and enabled them to share their creativity with the world.