Snail Bob Is A Game Where You Go Around

Snail Bob is a game where you go around as a snail and complete different puzzles. It is a side scrolling game and the puzzles will affect how far Snail Bob gets before he is stuck somewhere he can’t get out of. It is up to you to get him in and out of these situations without getting stuck so that he can make his way to his final destination and you can beat the game completely. There are multiple levels in each game and a total of 8 games for the desktop that have been released from 2010 to 2014. All of the games have a different plot and story line but they all have the same concept and they also have our favorite main character Bob the Snail.

This game has been uploaded onto multiple different sites for kids and adults alike because of how unique it is and how much endless entertainment it offers to people. For adults, you get to see the funny and weird situations that Bob finds himself in. And for kids, they have to work through the puzzles that appear on each level to make sure that Bob can get through and they can complete the game.

The puzzles in the game make it suitable as a learning experience for kids so parents are more than comfortable putting their child on the game during the afternoons. And since the game is fun and unique, the kids definitely don’t mind playing it for hours and hours. It promotes brain activity and problem solving, things that you can’t get enough of especially at such a young age.

If your child somehow completes the first game quickly and you would like them to play more of it, there are 8 games in the series not counting the two mobile versions of the game. The 8 versions for the desktop are all different and have different plots with different goals. But the two mobile versions are just slight variations of the first 2 games that were released in the series.

You will put your kids on it and they will be stuck at the computer screen for hours playing this game, the same goes for you too. If you play this, you will surely find yourself having the time of your life while the day breezes by.

If that sounds like something you want then Snail Bob is definitely the game for you or your kids. It’s something that is fun, educational, and entertaining.